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uses of narrative
learning from experience

updated 14th May 2013

bill law's
three-scene storyboarding

material, ideas and formats
for the careers-work uses of narrative

three-scene storyboarding is a narrative technique
for finding out 'what's going on?'
and working out 'what can I do about it?'

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handbook - pdf
narratives for learning and research - the overview

This is the general introduction to storyboarding.  It sets out the narrative process - where people set down, in words and pictures, a significant episode in their work-related experience.  The process is useful in guidance and other face-to-face help.  It has far-reaching potential for curriculum.  The handbook highlights how storyboarding:


>            links reflective talk to real-life experience
>            interweaves thought and feeling
>            sets learning in both individual and social contexts
>            enables learning which students can straight-away use
>            enriches our understanding of student-and-client progress


The handbook is useful to teachers, advisers, programme-managers and policy-people - in all aspects of learning for personal-and-social development.

other downloads

some aspects of storyboarding can be set up pretty quickly - but there is more to it than that

to realise the potential you can - as and when you need them - call on these various sources for expanding its usefulness


>           comprehesive account of storyboarding

>           animated storyboarding training-ppt

>          training & certificates in storyboarding

>          Hazel Reid & Linden West - why use narrative Feb 11 YJVBE2475.pdf

>          Hazel Reid & Linden West - how narrative works 2011.pdf

>           Lorretta Jennings compacted account

>           worked exaples of stryboarding

>           animated questioning-stories - training-ppt

>            how it works - an overview

>            storyboarding in curriculum

>            narrative-based websites

>            why it works


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three-scene storyboarding is wholly owned by
Dr Bill Law at the Career-learning Café

trialing for further development is underway at
The Centre for Guidance Studies, and others, at The University of Derby



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