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uses of narrative
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uploaded 6th February 2010

storyboarding on-line
free material, ideas and formats
for bill law’s three-scene storyboarding

three-scene storyboarding is a narrative technique
for finding out 'what's going on?'
and working out 'what can I do about it?'


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narrative-based websites

The urls below will take you to videos, conveying direct-and-personal labour-market experience. This is not labour-market information, but it is the just-as-important impressions of what a person thinks-and-feels - in this work setting, with with these colleagues, taking on these tasks.

Other narrative-based sites are available, and yet others will appear. This page will be updated as new information comes in. If you know of useful sites tell bill

the links are towhere the experience of work
is set out in narrative form

careers-box - video library of more than 300 job profiles

careers player - graduate job experience and supporting advice

iCould - more than a thousand filmed accounts with supporting features

talking jobs - 40 in-depth interviews

Material like this is particularly useful when your students and clients can see...

>     what helps people on, and what holds them back - both 'good-news' and 'bad-news' stories
>     why what works out like this for one person may not mean that it will work out this way for another
>     how they can interact with what they find


All of this means that such sites are best used with others. they can be usefully paused - and then probed for how authentic and useful they are. People can compare ideas about how things are working out, and how they can best be played out in in this person's life - and in their own

Storyboarding is therefore an important resource for use in conjunction with these sites. Get more information on what is available in the storyboarding stockroom

These resources are useful to students and clients - as well as to teachers. advisers and the consultants that support them - in all aspects of personal-and-social development

three-scene storyboarding is wholly owned by
Dr Bill Law at the Career-learning Café

trialing for further development is under way at
The Centre for Guidance Studies and others at The University of Derby



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