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uploaded 3rd June 2005


The Café helps you to help people plan and manage their lives - as learners, as workers and as citizens. It is a source of ideas, materials and processes - free to enter and to download.

This information will help you see...

...what is career learning?
...who is the Café for? it for me?
...what can I get from it? I can find what I need? can I use what I find?




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what is career learning?

Career-learning is what people do to find and develop a basis for sustainable and fulfilling action on working life. Understanding career learning follows three lines of enquiry. The Café helps you with all of them.

of enquiry
1. 'what's going on?'

> what are the influences on working life?
> how do factors work - inside and outside the person?

> career development

Questions 1-3 are interdependent - answers to any will be useful only when it takes account of what is known of all.

The Career-learning Café includes all - in one conversation.

2. 'what can people do about it?'

> what does a person most need to deal with?
> how do people get actively engaged in that process?

> career-planning
> career-management
3. 'how can anybody help?'

> how can professionals and voluntary helpers help?
> what best helps formally and informally?

> information, advice and guidance ­ IAG
> counselling
> personal advisory work
> careers education
> the Café uses the inclusive terms 'careers work' and 'careers workers'


who is the Café for?

It is for careers workers – like those listed below.

Nobody is in a position to do everything; but all are in a position to do something.
as a careers worker
the café can help you to...
see examples of what you can get
click to open each in a new browser window
...use you appreciation of what the local pressures on working life really are 'Integrated information advice and guidance'
youth or
social worker
...trace the links between neighbourhood pressures and career 'The influences - inner life and other people'
personal adviser
...establish networks of help 'Networks for learning needs'
teacher or lecturer
...make learning interesting and useful 'Relevance - earning respect for learning'
careers educator
...understand learners' needs for career planning and management 'Learning outcomes - and their frameworks'
...know how to help with change in contemporary career 'Diagnosing career-learning needs'
programme manager or coordinator
...organise confusing diversity into a coherent programme 'Getting to grips with priorities for careers work'
professional consultant, adviser or trainer helpers with ideas, resources and processes 'Three dimensions for effective career planning'
policy maker
...frame expectations and funding so that helpers can help 'Learning from experience'
...develop appropriate research questions and present findings helpfully 'Uncooling careers work - a plea for practice-based evidence'
in training for any these roles
...make sense of it all for dissertations, projects and ability to do the job 'What are we going to do about careers?'

is it really for you?

There are important issues here. Not the least of them is about fairness regarding who gets to do what in our society. And careers work is not just about enabling employability, it is also about helping people to plan and manage work as part of a good quality of life. The Café supports this kind of breadth-of-mind. That means taking account of the way... issues are as important as any now facing society

...cultural influences on career development are at least as powerful as economic ones life is always interwoven with life as partner, citizen and consumer

...we must attend more to concerns for work-life balance learning has it roots in the toddler years, and must be re-learned - life-long learning is as demanding as any learning creativity will achieve more than chasing ready-made targets

...effective careers work needs a widening range of helpers

...informal help is often more useful than formal

…to be helpful in today's world careers-worker professionalism needs reform

One agreement means that you’ll find something useful in the Café. Ten means that you may not be able to go on without it!

It’s for you to judge what no agreement at all might mean.

This is a distinctive take on careers work. It does not necessarily support all current provider institutions. Of course careers work needs institutions which support provision; but it also needs useful ideas.

It is an open question which are more important – the institutions or the ideas. The Café starts with ideas.


what you can get from the Café

There are five sections in the Career-learning Café

 take a look at front pages
each opened in a new browser window

the magazine

talking about...

what is going on / the issues /
what can be done to help / how you can help

...magazine front page
the underpinning

taking a deeper look...

the ideas / their implications for practice / policy / theory / research

...underpinning front page
the memory

a sense of direction...

how things are developing over time /
where they are leading

...memory front page
moving on

working out...

which way is forward /
what we can now usefully do

...moving on front page
the information

about the Café...

site map / list of pdfs / rationale / design /
Café people

...information front page

finding what you need

There are a lot of constructive uses you can make of the hihohiho site...


look hopefully

site map
all features

site map and list of pdfs
the information

look for what you know is there
list of pdfs and PowerPoints monographs, workbooks and presentations
reflect on your own assumptions
the five menus
introductions to all features

menus, 'what's new' and 'don't miss'
the home page

seek material useful to your work
‘what’s new’
recent uploads
get material for your colleagues, clients or students
‘don’t miss’
important material for a range of user groups
e-mail to friends and colleagues
‘where now’
a choice of related material
'where now' and 'any thoughts'
the end of html documents
set out your own responses and ideas
‘any thoughts’
e-mail route for your reactions and ideas
tell others about the Café
e-mail for periodic updates

home page and throughout


using what you find

The site offers you options for its use...


html pages
loads into your web-browser
links to other locations


> print from web browser
> save as html (right-click on link)
> copy-and-paste into word processor

loses formatting

Three test for the value of this material:

1. appropriate to the needs of your learners?
2. capable of practical use by helpers?
3. sustainable in the organisation where it will be located?

If this so, good; but if not, tell


use hihohiho as a source for> conference papers
> course handouts
> discussion tools
> professional study
> planning tools
> presentations
> to send to others

use any item - in part or whole

graphic features (in the magazine)
words-and-pictures presentations
loads into your web-browser
links to other locations
text on pdf available

> run on-line as discussion tool
> save as html (right-click on link)

workbooks. handouts and monographs
loads into Acrobat Reader
no links (URLs given in text)

> print for your own planning use
> print as group planning or workshop tool

retains all formatting – useful for handouts
two colours - but will print as black
‘back’ pages to form a booklet

summary versions of selected Café features
loads into Microsoft PowerPoint
also prints as handout

> run presentation on-line
> download and run in your computer
> print as OHP acetates

needs image- or OH-projector for group work

diagnosing programs - called ‘games for career’
loads into your web-browser
back-up pdfs available
> run on-line for personal or group-planning use
> use back-up for personal and group use

no download facility on programs
programs copyrighted to Chris Bosley



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